Why is my phone hanging and slow? See best way to fix it now.

Why is my phone hanging and slow

Why is my phone hanging and slow ? This has been the question of almost every Mobile phone users nowadays and this article will unravel the mystery behind behind this issue, just keep your fingers crossed and read on.

Mobile Phone has become an important part of our lives to the extent that it absence might affect the world economy if not crumbled it. Without any doubt nobody likes when the phone he/she uses for business transactions or other function hangs or started slowing all the time. In this article we Will look at why Mobile phone hangs, what to do when phone hangs and how to fix a phone that is hanging.

Why is my phone hanging and slow/why Mobile phone hangs

Gone are the days when Mobile phones are only used for calling, sending SMS and other simple things but now with the introduction of Smart phones that perfome rigid task like surfing the internet, playing heavy games, video calls and other interesting functions such heavy functions if abused by the user, can lead to hanging, slowing down and malfunctioning of a smart phone or even increase the percentage of people asking why is my phone hanging and slow

The main reason why a mobile phone started hanging and slow will be listed below with the best solutions or ways to tackle it.

Overloading the RAM

A phone’s RAM (Random access memory) plays a greater role in the performance efficiency and fastness of a phone that’s why it’s very important to consider the RAM of a phone before buying it; a one gigabyte RAM phone will be very slow compare to that of phone with higher RAM.



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Update all outdated Applications

If you have already outdated Applications on your phone make sure you have them all updated as outdated Applications my be slowing down your phone or causing it to hang

To update application on your phone please navigate to settings and click on App update. Google will save you the problem of looking for outdated Applications by notifying you immediately an app need to be updated

Install Applications on External Storage (SD CARD)

Make sure you install all the applications on your phone to the external storage as that will reduce the pressure on the phone’s internal storage and it will make your phone fast.

Don’t run many apps at the same time

Unknowingly to you, the moment you switched on your phone some in-built or downloaded applications will started running in the background the best way to avoid that is to quickly head over to settings and locate applications Manager, you should see the running apps there and clear them. You can also minimize your unsed app and cleared them.

Delete unused files/Applications

Long hours movie,music, unnecessary media files and other junk files should be removed as they’re harmful to your phone and can cause it to hang.

Why is my phone hanging and slow


Using a mobile phone for a very long hours might cause the phone to overheat beyond the recommended range of 35-38 celcius and this might cause the phone to misbehave and the best option is to restart the phone to let all its system refresh before starting full work again.

Perform factory reset

The last way to takle this problem yourself is to perform a factory data reset; wipe all the contents on your phone. Before doing this we advised you back up all your data to an external SD CARD or a cloud storage like Google drive.

Why is my phone hanging and slow


If after you’ve tried all the methods above and you’re still among those who asked that why is my phone hanging and slow then I suggest you visit a phone technician and the best mobile phone company we can recommend per our experience is our Partner ; RANDY KING TELECOM.

Do visit them at any time we can guarantee you that with them your mobile phone is in a save hand.

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