Useful apps for college students

Useful apps for college students

College Life is not as simple as it seems, it’s full of a lot of tasks ranging from studying all days, burning the mid night candles, running up and down to get resources to ease up learning process in order to go home with good grades in the final year. To make college life easier and to ease study process,there are lots of useful apps for college students on the internet and in this article I will be listing the most useful apps for college students, their usage and how to get them.

Before I dive into the topic fully, do you know that there are useful apps to increase your vocabulary and enhance your fluency in English speaking ? Do you know there are apps for Note writing and scheduling your daily routine? Sit back and read on as I reveal all these useful apps to you.
Below are the list of useful apps for college students please take your time to go through them.

List of useful apps for college students

Now let’s start checking the apps out one after the order with full details

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • Alarmy
  • Google translate
  • Google drive
  • Mathway
  • Dualingo
  • Evernote
  • My study Life
  • Study Blue


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merriam Webster dictionary

Dictionary is without any doubt a must have for all serious minded students,even for the unserious ones. A student will always need a good dictionary because every now and then you would come across an English word you don’t understand or know it’s meaning either during a conversation with your colleagues or while studying.
And instead of rummaging through your heavy and high volume dictionary you can easily open an app on your phone and boom! you find the meaning of the word.
To cut the story short there are lots of dictionary apps on the internet but I would recommend Merriam-Webster Dictionary base on my experience with the app it has better UI, easy navigation and straight to the point you can try it out as well by Downloading it via the link below. Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary is also available for Medical students and it can be downloaded here

Download Merriam-Webster dictionary here


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College students must be very concious of time as they must wake up early to prepare for the task ahead of them and sometimes they might have early morning lecture. If you want to always wake up right on time?what you need is this alarm app which will wake you up at the exact time you instructed it to do so. it’s More efficient than any alarm apps out there. you can download it via the link below

Download Alarmy Android apps here


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Google translate

knowing how to say good morning and other basic greetings in other languages isn’t a bad thing. You might even come across a foreign language you don’t know it meaning and the best you could do is to have it translated. That’s where Google translate comes in. You can translate to any language of your choice as much as you want. Do well to download the app here


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Google drive

Having extra storage or cloud storage for your files and documents which you can access anywhere anytime isn’t a bad thing.
Google gives you free 15 gig cloud storage to save your bulky study materials instead of putting the heavy load on your innocent phone and you can access it anytime you wish online or offline.
Google drive is preinstalled on your Android phone what you need is to have it set up iOS (iPhone) users can download it from App store.


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If your field of study is related to mathematics I bet you won’t love this app less. Without any doubt math is a bit difficult to understand if you’re just starting out.
Mathway is an app that’s designed to help solve all your math related problem ranging from algebra, trigonometry,graph and many more Download the app via the link below.

Download mathway mobile application through this link


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As a student, apart from your native language you should be able to speak one or two foreign languages fluently as well and Duolingo will help you do that without much stress all you need is to start studying at your own pace. With commitment From your end trust me in no time you will become a bilingual or a multilingual.
Proceed to download the app here


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As the name suggest, Evernote is an app used for taking notes,organise daily tasks and To do list. It’s very important that all students have this app on their phones because it will really aid their learnings.
Download the app now


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My study Life

This is one of the useful apps for college students as it helps to organize classes, homework and exams.
Click on the link here to learn about the app and also download it.


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Study Blue

Study blue is an online learning app plus you can create your own flash cards, quizzes and have access to many study materials head over to their website to download the app and also learn more about the app.

NB: iOS version of the useful apps for college students listed above are also available for download on apple store. iOS users can download them there

The list of useful apps for college students listed above have helped students in the past in one way or the other, you can also try them out and come back to leave your experience with them in the comments section below if they’ve helped you as I knew they would.

Thanks for reading this article for complaint or suggestions please reach me here and I will respond as soon as possible. Love you guys please share the articles on social media for others to also benefit.

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