Top Scholarship Grants For Study In Australia

Top Scholarship Grants For Study In Australia

This article is about top scholarship grants for study in Australia. There are many scholarships that are awarded on a regular annual basis to residents and international students in Australia. These scholarships can be easily earned and are offered in a variety of courses to students who are determined to succeed in any field of study. The requirements are not strenuous, and the application process is fairly straightforward.

Below are the top scholarship grants for study in Australia

1. Equal Access Grants for Australia and New Zealand Students at University of Adelaide

This easily tops our list of top scholarship grants for study in Australia. In 2022, the Adelaide University Union (AUU) will offer Equal Access Grants to help students from low-income families who are starting their studies at the University of Adelaide. They have regularly done so in past years.

This scholarship is mostly given to students starting their first year of university study, though some in extremely rare circumstances, students in other years of study could be eligible for this grant.

Eligibility: The principal requirement is that the applicant meets the financial need. Applicants should bring appropriate documentation with them to the interview (e.g., Centrelink healthcare card, proof of Centrelink income).

2. La Trobe University Pathway to Victoria International Scholarships in Australia

This is the next scholarship on our list of top scholarship grants for study in Australia. Suppose you are a student who is on the pathway to university study, La Trobe University, or the La Trobe College Australia (LTCA). The Victorian Government has made funding available that makes the Pathway to Victoria Scholarship Program through Study Melbourne possible.


The following are the criteria you would have to meet:

  • A new international student commencing Trimester 3 2021 onwards.
  • A citizen or permanent resident of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
  • Has met all the entry requirements and accepted the offer to study a pathway program at La Trobe College Australia.
  • Has received a packaged Offer to commence an LTCA program in Trimester 3 2021 or any intake in 2022.
  • Intends to study a La Trobe degree program in 2022 or 2023 immediately after completing their pathway program.

3. Tasmanian International Scholarship

The third on our list of top scholarship grants for study in Australia is Tasmanian International Scholarship. International students can commence their studies with a 25% reduction in registered tuition fees if they obtain the Tasmanian International Scholarship. This scholarship lasts for the duration of their course (provided satisfactory grades are maintained)


All international students who apply would be automatically assessed for the TIS Scholarship by our Admissions Team. To apply for an undergraduate degree, applicants must complete an International Student Application (with the exception of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dementia Care, and AMC Seafaring courses).

With a few exceptions, this scholarship is also available to international students applying for postgraduate coursework degrees.

Please note: this scholarship is only available to commencing students. Current international students would not be reassessed by their academic progress at the University of Tasmania.

Assessment is done automatically for students applying for the Tasmanian International Scholarship at the time of submitting their International Student Application.

The key criterion for selection in this scholarship is academic merit in the secondary, diploma, and degree level courses.

A minimum of one year of study and the student’s results would be needed to assess their application. Assessment for all semester intakes and selection for this scholarship will be based on an applicant’s highest-level qualification prior to commencing their intended study program.

Please note: grading scales can vary significantly from country to country.

Applicants will be sent offer letters if they have been successful in being awarded a scholarship, provided final results have been submitted. The offer letter contains details of the Scholarship terms and conditions, which the recipients must read carefully.

4. Ph.D. International Scholarships in Health Economics at Monash University

Another top scholarship grant for study in Australia is the Ph.D. scholarship for international students in Health Economics at Monash University. This is a research training grant for students looking to make a substantial contribution to research in the economics of health and healthcare. It is for people who want to make lasting changes, or at least a positive impact, on the progress of health economics on our planet and are looking for rigorous graduate training.

Eligible applicants may receive $30,000 per annum, which covers tuition fees and a living allowance of full-time rate scholarship. Extra financial aid is offered in the form of research and teaching assistance. There are other opportunities for funded travel and study exchanges with partner institutions in Europe or the USA.

The Ph.D. program offers excellent research facilities and a dedicated Ph.D. student workspace. A Behavioral Laboratory, high-quality computing facilities, and internal seminar programs are also available to the students who receive this scholarship.

Although Ph.D. scholarships are available in all areas of health economics, the program encourages projects that align with the current research projects of our supervisors. You can find a list of the available or ongoing projects here.


Successful applicants will receive

  • a tax-free stipend at a current value of $30,000 per annum full-time rate
  • several top-up scholarships available to eligible applicants.


Applicants should have a strong academic result in a degree in economics, econometrics, or a relevant discipline with a research component. The Ph.D. program includes specific coursework in health economics, with coursework in related areas also available.

Applicants would also have to pass an English language proficiency test to qualify for this scholarship. They would then have an Expression of Interest (EOI) form for the relevant course they want to study. And of course, they have completed their online application, which can be found here.




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