Some lucrative business a student can do

Lucrative business a student can do

Without any gainsaying, almost every student struggles financially at a point in time during their study years at the University. It has even led to the dropping out of many students as they were unable to cope with the severe financial atmosphere and in this post, I will reveal a lucrative business a student can do to make their university life easy and conducive.

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As I said above, I will reveal some lucrative business a student can do if you are a student and you are reading this then I congratulate you because you’re about to bid a university financial struggle a good farewell. Just keep your fingers across and read on. Check out my crazy lists of lucrative business a student can do below.

List of lucrative business a student can do

  1. Writing
  2. Trading
  3. Graphic design
  4. Blogging
  5. Real Estate Agent
  6. Photography
  7. SEO
  8. Popcorn business/Small chops
  9. Phone/computer repair
  10. Web Design
  11. Delivery work
  12. Phone accessories


If you didn’t know writing job is one of the most high-paying jobs out there any serious-minded student can engage in. There are lots of people or companies looking for a seasoned writer out there and they’re ready to employ you to write plagiarism free articles for their company.

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Job Title: Writing

Employment mode: part-time

salary: 50 kobo – #2 per one word and a serious company/blogger will request you to write at least an article of one thousand words or more and you’re writing that at least three to four times a week. Isn’t that a great deal?

Employers: Bloggers, Companies etc,

NOTE: If you’re interested in a writing job and you’re good at it you can contact me right here there are lots of people looking for writers and are ready to pay.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are making it big these days as almost every business owner now requires their service ranging from Company logo design, flyer design, and many more. If you know nothing about graphics designing then you have to go and learn it. I will write on Graphics Design Free tutorial soon just subscribe to our newsletter if you have not you should do so below.

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Bloggers are making it big nowadays if you are a student and you didn’t know what blogging is then you’re missing out.

One of the easiest and legit ways to make money as a student in this modern-day is blogging. Watch out for my in-depth analysis and breakdown of blogging. Make sure you subscribe to this blog.

An average blogger earns around $100 a month it depends on hard work and dedication so earnings might vary. Some bloggers make $1000 plus monthly.

Web design

Since every business is now moving online and they are all trying to create a presence for their business on the internet because of the fast growth of the Internet each day and everybody spent most of their time on the internet either to solve a problem or look for a solution to a problem.

For this reason, business owners require the service of a web designer to help create or maintain a website for their business. Businesses like Ebay, Amazon, jumia, etc, won’t be that reputable without them putting their business online.

If I’m not mistaken, a web design job could fetch up to $100-$1000 monthly based on how quality the website is and the type of the website. Watch out for our tutorial on the website design.

Popcorn / Small chops business

Especially in students populated areas, the business of popcorn and small chops are highly in demand. If you’re a student you can venture into this business as it will bring you a huge profit anytime any day.

Phone and Computer repair

Screenshot 20210822 084300

Hardly will you see anybody without any kind of phone no matter how small it may be or ugly the phone might look. And the phones are prone to spoiling at any point in time ranging from mouthpiece problems, speaker, charging point, screen problem and many more. Though this work requires Your full-time commitment as a student, you can still do it on a part-time basis. There is no limit to the amount a phone or computer engineer can make in a month some even make up to 100k in a day it depends on how good you are and how you relate with your customers.


One of the best lucrative business a student can do is the business of photography. It is a pretty good business that is not too time-consuming all you need is the knowledge of the work a good camera and a photo studio if you’re planning on going in big.

Screenshot 20210822 084118

In the campus or school area not only that students will need a passport photograph but will also need a photoshoot for different occasions like birthdays, etc,

Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world today and one of the lucrative business a student can do. Ranging from Land selling or a complete House selling and you don’t need to own a house or land before you venture into the business.

It’s very easy, contact land and house owners offered to be the agent or manager of their property, each time you help them sell or rent out a property you can charge your agent fee, and boom you will start making your cool cash from Real Estate without any a house or Land.

The question now is that how do you make money from real estate as a student? Look here, dear! It’s very easy just to tell your fellow students that you are a house agent and you can help them get a comfortable house anytime they need one. And you as an agent need to do your homework as well by sourcing for a good house in your area that has a vacancy or empty room for rent.

That’s all you have automatically created a career for yourself in the world of real estate.

Delivery Work

This is one of the easiest lucrative business a student can do on this list so far as it only requires your time and commitment.

If you’re planning to go in fully then you can think of getting a bicycle or motorcycle to ease transportation or package you’re to deliver.

In this business, you will be helping your fellow students get stuff in town and have it delivered to them, and you charge them a befitting price. Keep doing this and you won’t have to struggle financially in school anymore.

Screenshot 20210822 084921


Last but not least on our lists today is SEO. Many websites and Blog owners need search engine optimization for their blog/website contents to appear on Search Engine Result Pages SERPs and as well beat their competitors in ranking for a certain keyword.

To achieve this service of a seasoned SEO EXPERT is a need and a huge amount of money is paid for this important service by website owners.

Screenshot 20210822 083941

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All I’ve listed above are lucrative business a student can do that will fetch them a robust income

There are other businesses you can engage in as a student that will bring in cool cash you should check my previous post where I explained other lucrative business a student can do like Digital Marketing, affiliate marketing and others.

Selling phone accessories like earphones, Bluetooth headphones, phone screen protectors, phone covers, batteries, and many more are very lucrative and students will buy them.

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