Jobs for International Students in Canada 2022

Jobs for International Students in Canada

Part-time work is available to international students in Canada, which helps them cover their educational and living expenses to some extent. Furthermore, it allows students to get essential Canadian job experience that will be beneficial in their future careers. Interested in some top jobs for international students in Canada? Then this post is just what you need.

A student in Canada with a study permit may work up to 20 hours a week. Students enrolled in difficult or demanding courses, on the other hand, may opt to work fewer hours, up to a maximum of 12 hours per week, so that the job does not interfere with their studies.

Getting A Job In Canada As An International Student

To begin with, as an international student, can you legally work in Canada? Yes, you can work on or off-campus even if you don’t have a formal work permit.

To begin, you must be enrolled as a full-time international student, which requires a valid study permit. Second, you can only start working when your studies have begun, not before. And once you’ve completed your studies, you’ll need to apply for a work visa in order to continue working.

Furthermore, international students can only work up to 20 hours per week during the standard academic term but can work more often (up to full-time hours) during vacations.

Now that we’ve verified that you are eligible to work in Canada, let’s go some of the top jobs for international students in Canada

Top Jobs for International Students in Canada

1. Server/bartender

Yes! This job makes it first on our list of jobs for international students in Canada. You might wonder, why? It is not exactly the highest-paying job in Canada per hour, but there is a catch. A 15-20% tip is anticipated in Canada; thus, tending a bar or working as a server in a restaurant may be a terrific career, possibly earning you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each week! There is no doubt that it is quite a demanding job, but it’s also a lot of fun!

2. Sales representative

This is the second job on our list of top jobs for international students in Canada. This is the perfect weekend job when town and city centers are crowded with consumers. Obviously, the speed of the job varies depending on where you work, from a clothes boutique to a neighborhood store to a supermarket. In any case, the salary is consistent, and some sales assistants even receive tiny commissions on purchases!

3. Dog Walker

In our opinion, this is a dream job, especially if you’re a lover of animals. People nowadays are so preoccupied with their life that they are prepared to pay someone to take their dog for a walk. There are several dog walking companies to which you may apply, or you could work for yourself. If choose to work for yoursellf,  keep in mind that you may be required to obtain a municipal license if you live in a major city. That’s typically a straightforward procedure that you can set up on Google, after which it’s just a question of identifying clients, collecting up your dogs, and hitting the streets!

4. Tutor

Do you love imparting knowledge? The good news is that you can be a tutor with whatever you’re skilled at! Perhaps you excelled in Math, Science, or another subject in school. You may put those abilities to use in your leisure time by working part-time with elementary or high school students.

You may charge whatever you like (plus or minus), but the typical instructor in Canada earns around $16 per hour. Although, you’ll have to be creative in your approach to finding pupils, but with the power of social media these days, the chances are stacked in your favor.

5. Ride-Sharing Driver / Delivery Driver

Driving for companies like Uber or Lyft has become one of the world’s most popular part-time employment. You may work whenever you choose, and it is quite lucrative.

The only drawback (apart from potentially nasty customers) is that you require transportation… Thys, you might want to think about becoming a bicycle courier instead. Most big cities offer bicycle meal delivery services, such as UberEATs. The salary is frequently a few dollars less than driving a car.

6. Nanny

If you enjoy being around children and have prior experience caring for kids, becoming a nanny is an excellent part-time opportunity for you. A nanny may be responsible for picking up children from school, remaining with them at home, making meals for them, putting them to sleep, and other responsibilities. The advantages include flexible hours and the chance to do schoolwork when the children are sleeping. Those with a CPR certificate are more likely to be recruited as a babysitter. And the hourly wage of $14.67 is extremely appealing.

7. Freelancer

There are several types of freelancers. A freelancer can work as a web designer, writer graphic designer, and other similar jobs. As a freelancer, you may work in practically any profession. If you like writing or editing, this is a fantastic career route for you. You get to select not just the topic, but also where and when you write, whether at home or abroad. Why not put your skills to work while being reimbursed for them if you have time in between school tasks? If you want to be a writer, this is a terrific method to get experience and develop your résumé. If you’re just getting started, consider UpWork, 99Designs, or Fiverr.

How to Improve Your Chances of Finding Work in Canada

  • Participate in student organizations and groups.
  • Take part in volunteer programs and activities.
  • Participate in internships, seminars, contests, or workshops that are linked to your interests.
  • Begin networking: meet other individuals who share your interests and get to know each other
  • Maintain an open mind: Job positions that appear unconnected might be ideal for you if they coincide with the things you want to study or the challenges you want to address.

Conclusion; Jobs for International Students in Canada

Working part-time is perfect for international students in Canada for since it helps them cover the costs. Some part-time jobs provide you with a lot of freedom, allowing you to work on your own schedule. Furthermore, part-time employment allows you to gain valuable work experience while still studying. We hope you find this post on jobs for international students in Canada quite informative. Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section, and we will attend to them as soon as possible. Best Regards.

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