How to fix a slow charging phone at home by yourself

Slow charging phone

Having a slow charging phone can be one of the most annoying things in the world, it can be so frustrating unless you have it checked on time. In this article, I will be walking you through the causes of Slow charging phones and solutions, just sit back and read along.

There are many things that can lead to a slow charging phone ranging from the simple part which you can easily find a solution to by yourself at home, and the complex one which the attention of a qualified Phone Technician. Let’s check out the causes and the solutions below.

Causes of slow charging phone and solutions

Slow charging phones can be caused by a Technical problem or by yourself; you’re wondering how you can cause the problem yourself? Just keep your fingers across and read on.

Avoid using your phone during charging

One of the causes of slow charging phones is the usage of a phone while charging. During charging of a phone, the phone needs to be left alone for it to be focused mainly on charging and not other tedious functions. Your phone will heat up beyond necessary, the battery will soon be damaged or weak, if you use your phone while charging.

And above all, the phone part that consumes the most power is the phone’s screen, and leaving the screen light on during charging will not enable it to charge fast. So, always leave your phone alone while charging.

Having/Using a bad cable

Using a damaged charging cable might cause your phone to charge slowly. Your cable might look fine to you on the outside but the main functioning inner part might have been damaged unknowingly to you. Have the cable changed first and watch the progress if there would be any change.

A bad charger

Charging an iPhone with a low-grade charger may cause it to charge slowly, this applies to other brands of phones as well. This often happens when the follow come charger of your phone got spoiled and you just get another charger without first confirming if the charger is compatible with your phone.

Always get a good charger in replacement of your spoilt charger. You can go for a brand of chargers like Oraimo, New age, Amazon, etc, they’re very reliable and original base on customers’ feedback. You can get any of the chargers, or cable in our store.


Charging from a computer or Laptop

Don’t ever try to charge your phone from a PC or laptop computer. It will make your phone charge very slow and the best is to charge from an authentic power source.

Background apps

Every phone without exception has certain applications that run in the background and can be battery-consuming at times. If you didn’t stop this app before charging your phone, your phone may not charge fast.

To stop the background running applications, go to Settings on your phone, and click on Apps management. You should see the list of applications that run in the background there stop them and you’re good to go, apart from the fact that the apps drain the battery they also consume data if you allow them.

Please note that settings might vary from phone to phone. You should do well to know the setting of your phone very well.

Leaving mobile data on

One of the components that highly consume battery in phones is Mobile phone data and you leaving it on during charging will not let your phone charge fast. Make sure you switch off your mobile phone data before you charge your phone to make it charge fast.

corrode or rust charging point

Having tried all the options above and you’re still having a slow charging phone, then your phone charging port must have eroded, rust or have a certain part blocked by dust. If you noticed all these, look for a pin to scrub off the dust and make sure you do it painstakingly to avoid damaging other stuff, and make sure your phone is off during the process to be on the safe side.

Bad or Damaged charging point

If you have a slow charging phone and you have tried all the options above, then take your phone to a Certified Mobile Phone Technician to have the phone checked out and as well replace the bad charging port.

You can contact us here to have your phone repaired by our qualified and Certified Engineer at a low cost. We’ve been serving the public with good service since time immemorial, try us today and you won’t regret doing so


We’ve tried to compile the possible causes and solutions to a slow charging phone and we believe that be able to get rid of the problem after reading this and other solutions you can try if you are experiencing a slow charging phone is to put your phone on flight mode, enable battery saver mode, have the battery change, etc,

Please AFRITONE MEDIA HUB will not be responsible for any damage or loss you incur during the usage of this article, always refer to our DISCLAIMER PAGE for more information.


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